Outdoor Advocacy. Re-Imagined.

Stimulated by an experience-driven lifestyle, people want to not only get outside and play, but do so in their backyard, as a way of life, so they can work and play where they live. Glades, trails, breweries, backcountry - you get the drift.

Backyard Concept is a forward-thinking legal, consulting, and advocacy business formed to make that happen - to mobilize the emerging and fast-growing outdoor recreation sector of the economy so your dreams of life balance can become a reality!

What’s in your backyard?

The outdoor economy is a departure from the old, industrial way of constructing communities. It’s about leveraging natural resources responsibly to create vibrant, supportive, and healthy local economies - places where people don’t just want to go, but they want to live.
— Tyler Ray, Founder & Principal

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Backyard Concept is an advocacy-based consulting organization dedicated to advancing outdoor recreation as a means to economic development

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Backyard Concept provides professional support services for stakeholders to implement the concepts of the outdoor economy and strategies to put them in play.



As the saying goes, “business up front, party in the back”. As a division of Backyard Concept, Frontyard Law offers a wide array of affordable legal services to help businesses and individuals stay on the trail and focus on what counts.

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What does outdoor recreation look like from an implementation perspective? Pure awesomeness! Check out some Backyard Concept past projects below to see real life examples of past projects from Backyard Concept.


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